Why choose Bowen to prevent or treat a sports injury

Bowen in sports

Bowen Therapy for Sports
  • Bowen therapy can accelerate recovery from injury
  • help to prevent future sports injuries
  • improve sporting performance
  • The Bowen Technique often produces results with sports injuries untouchable by other therapies

A growing number of athletes and professional sports people are discovering that regular Bowen Technique work enhances performance and reduces the incidence of injury. Then when injury occurs (especially soft tissue damage), Bowen brings rapid relief and a quick return to their sport.

Players are finding that Bowen treatment:

  • boosts energy
  • increases mobility
  • improves co-ordination
  • helps raise their game to a new level
  • Studies show that competitors having regular Bowen treatments consistently perform better, and enjoy an accelerated rate of recovery from injury

Time and time again, Bowen therapy has been shown to produce rapid, long-term relief from sports injuries. Even in very serious or acute conditions where an injury has just occurred, the Bowen Technique is being used with enormous success. But why is Bowen so effective at treating and preventing sports injuries?

  • Unlike most therapies, the Bowen Technique treats the whole body. Chiropractic treatment, for example, may give temporary relief – but it only treats the spine, which can subsequently be “pulled back” into its originally misaligned state, especially in the case of long-term injuries.
  • Although body or sports massage can ease muscles in spasm, numerous treatments may be necessary before tension and pain are dissipated. Bowen therapy, on the other hand, helps the body to make its own adjustments to achieve quick and long-lasting results.
  • Physiotherapy, which is based on rehabilitation through exercise, can take many months to start showing results. Bowen therapy has successfully tackled sports injuries that have traditionally been treated with physiotherapy.
  • Like no other therapy, the Bowen technique rapidly releases surface and deep-seated tensions that diminish the body’s ability to deflect torsional forces and punishing blows. This improves co-ordination, increases stamina and reduces vulnerability to injury.

Only 50% of sports injuries are in new areas, it means that a good number of clients present with problems that were never fully resolved at the time of the original injury. It also means that many athletes are leaving themselves at risk of further injury and training lay-offs

Hamstring Research

A recently published study by Coventry University showed the application of the Bowen Technique to have improved the long-term flexibility of hamstrings significantly, after only one treatment.

The study tracked the physical progress of 116 people whose hamstring performance was measured electronically while performing a straight leg raise. They were then treated once and followed up with a second measurement after seven days.

Research from the trial shows that not only did the Bowen treatment significantly increase hamstring flexibility, but those changes held and even increased over seven days without further treatment.

Football Case History

“I was asked to try Bowen therapy by my football physio as I had been having problems with my back, groins and upper leg muscles for most of the season. I'd been to a chiropractor a few times and on my last visit she had advised there was nothing really wrong with my bone structure. I continued to play but still felt restricted in my movements so I decided to give Bowen a try. "I didn't really know what to expect but I was determined to keep an open mind and give it a go. I can't explain how it worked but after a couple of treatments the problems I had been having virtually disappeared. I was able to touch my toes with the palms of my hands - something I'd not been able to do for a long while and I seemed to be able to go the duration of a game easily where I had been struggling before. "When people ask 'does it work?' I find the best way to tell them about it is my scoring ratio since having Bowen. I'd only scored 5 goals in 27 games before Bowen treatment. From the time I started having treatment until the end of the season, I scored 10 in 12 and from my point of view, that says it all! I also didn't miss a game through injury."
- Danny Adams, footballer


Professional and amateur golfers alike are finding that when it comes to helping injuries heal faster and easing pain and tension in different parts of the body, Bowen surpasses all other therapies. But Bowen is not just about healing injuries. More and more golfers are finding that Bowen boosts energy, increases mobility and co-ordination and, consequently, improves their game.